11- Enforcing E-privacy - a way to complement and re-inforce the GDPR. Or not?

17 Jun 2022, 09:45
Aquarium / Online

Under which circumstances can enforcement under the ePrivacy directive be an alternative to enforcement under the GDPR? This panel will look beyond the limitation to cases within the material scope of the ePrivacy directive, and evaluate what its potential advantages and shortcomings are. How would the existing shortcomings be remedied by the proposed changes foreseen in the draft ePrivacy Regulation? Which shortcomings would not be remedied? 

The choice of the competent national authority enforcing the Directive lies with the Member state. In practice, this has resulted in some Member states designating their Data Protection Supervisory Authority as national competent authority, in others the national competent authority entrusted with the enforcement of the ePrivacy directive is the telecommunication regulatory body.


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