13- What is Up at the Court? GDPR cases before CJEU and their potential impact

17 Jun 2022, 13:30
Aquarium / Online

The aim of this panel is to deal with the GDPR enforcement aspects within the context of CJEU case law, with the CJEU Judgment in Case C-645/19 Facebook Ireland and Others  at the heart of the discussions. In such a landmark case, the CJEU delivered an important judgment concerning the one-stop-shop mechanism. While the CJEU reinforced that the lead supervisory authority is the sole interlocutor in cross-border processing operations, it also underlines the conditions under which the concerned SA may bring enforcement actions against such processing operations. 

The panel will discuss this case as a landmark judgment in terms of GDPR enforcement, while at the same time drawing lessons from other case law in other areas.


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