10- Is it all about Big Tech? Enforcement in the public sector

17 Jun 2022, 09:45
Cinema / Online

Public authorities process large amounts of data in a way that poses significant risks to the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals (e.g. data retention, use of AI, border surveillances, public registers). It is therefore important that discussions about the enforcement of the EU data protection framework is not limited to private companies. 

This panel will explore enforcing data protection with reference to public authorities, and the challenges associated with this. Are data protection authorities, being public authorities themselves, at risk of being less keen on enforcing data protection compliance in the public sector? Or is it the opposite - it is easier to ensure compliance of bodies processing data on the basis of specific domestic legislation? In other words, is compliance of public authorities with data protection gaining less or more attention? Is a change needed here? Is EDPB coordinated action on cloud services the needed push to garner more attention on this topic? What more can or should be done? 


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